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Naked FuckBook Fuck me like you own me.

Then the one day she held me in and told me to fill her up.

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She was on top, and asked to switch positions. So I pull out no condom, dumb, I know and she climbs off me, and I start to get up to get behind her. During the transition, she grabs my dick, which was slick with her, yanks me to her mouth, and starts sucking and moaning.

Sexiest thing I ever heard in the moment. One of the biggest problems in our relationship was how possessive she was. At the time, I thought whatever I say to this is just gonna start a fight, so I ignored it. Unfortunately, she never said it again, so I never got the opportunity to properly react.

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Jayzuz fuhkin croist did that ever drive me nuts pun intended. Especially since she was a really meek girl.

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My partner, the other day: Ex, from a few years ago…no idea what she said…she switched between French, Spanish, and I think Italian, and it was incredible. She could have been listing soup ingredients, but different languages are OMG.

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I want to taste your cock and my pussy! I have to get my cum fix today!

One of the hottest was this Mexican girl i used to date. During normal circumstances she was very eloquent and well spoken. But when she was really getting into sex she would drop into the old Los Angeles chola girl accent.

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Both the things she would say in English and Spanish would drive me fucking crazy. There was also a Puerto Rican girl that would drop into Spanish and start throwing around the papi chulo stuff.

Fuck your dirty little slut. Can I choke you while we are at it?

But cock remained stiff for a awhile enough for her to get herself an orgasm and fall on the pillow beside me. Most special copulating ever.

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