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How to make any girl squirt

XXX Video How to make any girl squirt.

Sure, achieving it for the first time can be a tough job. That is why I have created this guide where you are going to learn tips and tricks to making her squirt that can be universally applied to any women. Some of these tips may seem a bit off but trust me; each one plays a crucial role if you want to succeed.

The first part of this how-to guide is crucial. You need to set the mood correctly if you want to make her climax really hard.

Remember that the vagina is...

Firstly, you need to ease her mind from any possible distractions and let her focus just on the pleasure she will receive. All you have to do is to:. You need to realize that her brain plays the most crucial role when making her squirt. Jump back to the table of contents. One of the most important factors in making her squirt is to make her physically and How to make any girl squirt relaxed.

Here are some good starting points if you want to improve your foreplay techniques. However, some women may feel under pressure thanks to this so I recommend not to use the towel for the first time. Doing this will enhance the feeling of relaxation later.

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Now, her G-spot should be very noticeable. It is a spongy somehow wrinklyalmond-shaped, circular area that is usually located 2 inches deep inside her pussy about 2 knuckles deep. Once she is all wet and her G-spot is ready, it is the right time to bring her over the edge and give her that squirting orgasm.

I have been doing my research on various techniques to do this and have discovered 4 that are most likely to make her cum all over your bed sheets. All you need are your own How to make any girl squirt, a lot of lube, and some practice.

You want to keep your fingers on the same area of skin and move the whole area of skin around try pressing your fingers gently into your cheek and actually move your cheek around a bit. You need to get below the surface tissue in the vagina to stimulate the deep tissue.

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Just expect a mild discomfort and soreness in your hand. It is a similar technique to the one above, but there is a slight variation in the way you will stimulate her G-spot.

If you have troubles locating her g-spot you can use your second hand and place it on her lower belly right above her pubic bone.

Then apply a firm pressure make sure she is always comfortable with it to make her G-spot more noticeable inside her vagina. Also, pressing into her pubic bone with your other hand will allow you for a firmer grip and extra pressure.

If you do everything as directed, she should not be able to hold it anymore. You can actually hurt her vagina.

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I have found it on the internet and I simply love it. You will need both hands and a lot of lube to give her maximum pleasure with each and every touch. I personally prefer my main hand I am left-handed for stimulation of her G-spot and the other one on her clit. If you are trying your best and applying all of the above techniques with no success, then there is still a hope of giving her that squirting orgasm.

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