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Note that more than one type of internet connection may be used in households. See Broadband penetration ireland southern roi 1a and 1b and figure 1. See table 1b and figure 2. This follows the same trend as in previous years. See table 2a and figure 3. A greater percentage of households with dependent children used the internet within the previous 3 months when compared with households with no dependent children - close to nine and over of every ten households with dependent children used the internet within the last 3 months.

Daily usage of the internet has increased nine percentage points since On the other hand, when using a portable computer such as laptop, tablet, etc. Note that more than one option may have been selected by respondents.

See tables 3b and 3c. Ininternet users were asked if they had used any website or app to arrange accommodation such as a room, apartment, house, holiday cottage, etc. See table 4a and figure 4. There are clear differences between age groups in the types of goods and services bought online.

The number of purchases made online in has increased when compared with the same period in See table 4d and figure 5. Note that respondents may have selected more than one option. By comparison, only one quarter of individuals in the years age group used cloud storage.

See table 5 and figure 6.

Respondents were asked about their learning activities over the internet for educational, professional or private purposes in the three months prior to interview. The situation is similar for persons Using online learning material other than a complete online course includes audio-visual materials, online learning software, electronic textbooks, etc.

Respondents were asked about the computer or mobile device related activities and software related activities which they carried out in the twelve months prior to interview. It covers a range of topics related to internet penetration and use of ICT by households and individuals.

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