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Vulva und vestibulum

New xXx Pics Vulva und vestibulum.
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Illustrated anatomical parts with images from e-Anatomy and descriptions of anatomical structures. The hymen varies much in shape.

When stretched, its commonest form is that of a ring, generally broadest posteriorly; sometimes it is represented by a semilunar fold, with its concave margin turned toward the pubes. Occasionally it is cribriform, or its free margin forms a membranous fringe.

The vulval vestibule is a...

It may persist after copulation, so that its presence cannot be considered a sign of virginity. Each lateral mass measures a little over 2. Their posterior ends are expanded and are in contact with the greater vestibular glands; their anterior ends are tapered and joined to one another by the pars intermedia; their deep surfaces are in contact with the inferior fascia of the Vulva und vestibulum diaphragm; superficially they are covered by the Bulbocavernosus.

They consist of two small, roundish Vulva und vestibulum of a reddish-yellow color, situated one on either side of the vaginal orifice in contact with the posterior end of each lateral mass of the bulb of the vestibule.

Each gland opens by means of a duct, about 2 cm.

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The patient's vulvar pain usually...

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