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How fast can a girl cum

Nude 18+ How fast can a girl cum.
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Nope it feels good the things that my boyfriend does to me but it doesn't feel like what everyone says it feels like, he has trouble to for some reason ill be going at it for an hour and still he won't cum. Sorry about your wrist, I would probably have gotten one if I did that to you that fast too lol.

Well the climax gets bigger each time. If I've already had sex the day before or 2 days before it's harder to cum.

But I can't orgasm from...

Since I haven't had sex in about 8 months, I imagine my next one should be quick. Well my boyfriend and I are celibacy thing.

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I'm too lazy to masturbate. It's sad but true. My boyfriend might get a little hand job every once on a blue moon but that's as much sex as I have normally. Under a minute for me when I'm doing it myself, but when my boyfriend is doing it, I can take like 5 or 10mins.

Yeah it doesn't take too much.

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I much prefer to have a free day, and edge myself for five or six hours before I cum. Thank you, internet porn sites! So, I know fast cumming is not generally wanted. If I want to I can go for a long time, but I was talking on the phone with a good female friend of mine today, we were not being sexual at all and I was completely soft, but I wanted to jerk off.

We are just friends by the way, but we are open about stuff like this, even tho we would never do anything sexual with each other due to being too good friends.

So I am talking to her, and she wants me to get online to play this game with her, but I told her no, I want to jerk off first, cause I was planning on doing that. So she tells me I have 5 minutes to do that or else she is going to play without me.

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So I told her to count to seconds and if I do not come by then I will stop and play. She asks if I am ready, I put my hand in position and she tells me to go. I come after seconds, going from soft to hard then cumming.

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I know really odd story, but I was really proud I was able to pull that off. So I am wondering how fast can you guys and girls go until you cum. Select age and gender to cast your vote: Like nothing may come out, but you should feel a release or something.

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My dudes, are you happy with your knob size? He gave me an STI, we have been together for 3 years now, does this mean he is cheating on me? Girls how did you learn to masturbate, and how old were you when you first succeeded?

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What Girls Said 5. Interesting - That is some great turn around time.

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