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Lizard lick towing tv show

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Lizard Lick Towing is an improvised American reality television series. Ron gets into an arm wrestling contest with a mechanic called Suicide — and offers him a job! With Suicide on board, the team hunt for new premises.

Anthony eyes up a rare Metro Tickford. The day of the grand opening arrives. Ronnie borrows a Chrysler to help Amy out — a car that Anthony has lined up a buyer for. The wife of darts ace Peter 'Snakebite' Wright Lizard lick towing tv show a rare Cobra for his birthday.

Sonny removes the graffiti. Ronnie turns to a moneylender to buy a Ferrari, but disaster strikes when our hero is kicked out of his digs - and the car vanishes! It was announced that Lizard Lick towing would be rebooted and retitled as Lick Life.

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The new series will follow the same formate as the original series but will also have new features as well. The series began filming in April and is due to be aired in late early From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Lick Life is an American...

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A dangerous tattooed man's car is targeted for repossession in the premiere of this series following a repo business in Lizard Lick, North Carolina. Amy takes to Lizard lick towing tv show streets to retrieve a cable van. Ron's dog is taken by an angry repossessee.

Amy punches a debtor who demands the return of his truck. Ron is late for his date with Amy due to a late evening repo.

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Ronnie and Bobby are attacked by a car owner throwing explosives at them. Ron and Bobby head to a stock car track to repossess a flatbed and truck from a racecar driver. Ron and Amy host a pig roast, and while at the party, Bobby spots a car up for repo.

The guys go to Miami to repo a boat.

Amy confronts a man in the office with just a few days left till her due Lizard lick towing tv show for the baby. Amy's waters break and she is rushed to hospital, Ron has to rush back from Miami with Bobby.

Ron arrives just in time and helps Amy give birth to their daughter, Maggie Mae Shirley. Ron and Bobby repo a tricked-out truck from a wannabe military man. Then, back at the office, Ron and Amy grow annoyed as Bobby becomes distracted by his personal life.

Finally, a repo gone bad in a rough part of town sends Ron to the ER.

Tensions rise as Bobby denies involvement with his ex. The team goes after landscapers who haven't paid for their fancy lawn mowers. Ron and Bobby get a car that is held hostage. Ron and Amy find a surprise that could change Lizard Lick.

Tensions are high between Bobby and Amy after their confrontation at the diner. Ron puts Bobby in a sticky situation at a motel when the boys set up a sting on a sexy escort. Amy finds an interesting video in Ron's inbox.

The boys get caught up in a dangerous situation when they head out to the boonies to repo a truck from a bunch of moonshiners. Ron throws Bobby a party in his honor, but a surprise guest puts a Lizard lick towing tv show in Ron's plans.

A lien holder brings unsettling news as rumors swirl around Lizard Lick. A surprise guest throws a wrench in Ron's plan to mend his family ties. On this exciting season finale, Ron tells Bobby he has to choose between his family at The Lick and his ex. After the repo of an arsenal of yard equipment, Bobby and Ron have a confrontation that will change Lizard Lick Towing forever. A new chapter begins in the Lizard Lick saga as Ron recovers from his stabbing.

With Ron not up to full strength, he and Amy enlist some new help, When a surprise visitor arrives, the fate of Lizard Lick Towing hangs in the balance. Tensions rise when Ron is forced to go on some jobs with Bobby, They head out to repo a tractor from a group of enraged farmers.

Later, they go after a car that is under the protection of a fight promoter and his Lizard lick towing tv show bodyguard. As bills pile up, Ron and Bobby must take on high-risk repos.

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Bobby is set on revenge when his childhood bully's car comes up for repo. Ron gets a visit from his fuel distributor, who urges Ron to pay the bill or risk losing him as a source.

Tensions rise when Ron defies Amy and listens to Bobby's big plan to get them out of debt.

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Ron and Bobby go on a high-stakes repo that leaves Bobby in a compromising situation. Bobby's kind heart leads him to repo more than just a car. Dwight sets the stakes for the New Orleans trip as Ron and Bobby scramble to tie up loose ends around the office.

Ron and Bobby enlist the help of Big Juicy for a tricky repo. A traumatic accident leaves Ron and Bobby's trip in jeopardy.

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Ron and Bobby's trip to the Big Easy starts off with a bang. When they are sent to repo a fan boat, they end up on the wrong end of rifle-wielding swamp people.

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Amy's suspicions about Dwight lead her to make a crucial decision. Lizard Lick Lizard lick towing tv show jobs in New Orleans get even stranger.

The boys go to an abandoned Lizard lick towing tv show to repo a semi trailer from a family of eccentrics, and Amy assists on a job to repo a hearse from unscrupulous gangbangers. The boys head to Make-Out Point to repo a car, and Bobby suffers a devastating setback that puts the future of the business in jeopardy. With Bobby's truck up in flames, he's out for revenge, and it's up to Ron to hold The Lick together. Ron and Bobby head to a den of criminals to repo a vehicle, and a huge job lands in the boys' lap: Ron heads to Bobby's house to drag him out of bed for a potentially nasty repo.

With Ron and Bobby still trying to get out from under Dwight's shadow, they get called out on a repo that could end with someone in the back of a police car.