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Pros and cons of hood piercing

Pics Gallery Pros and cons of hood piercing.
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I don't think I'd ever do an eyebrow, the risk is just too high imo. I'd think it was kind of kinky, and I think it would hurt like hell, but other than that I don't think it would be a big deal. Also, that vag emoticon made me laugh for some reason. Maybe it's because I imagine some guy being like "So that's where the clit is! What a helpful diagram. It tells me the girl may be kinda crazy to risk losing feeling in that area for a piece of metal but since you don't have a lot of feeling I guess that sorta makes sense.

I really wouldn't care physically though. More often than not I hear it Pros and cons of hood piercing to reduce sensitivity. Thanks lol I thought it worked well enough. I read somewhere that only in extremely few cases is any sensitivity lost.

Yeah maybe its more sensitive because the clit is touching metal? If the hood doesn't have much feeling itself you probably wouldn't lose much feeling although you are taking material away from it. Hey, Its your body. I think a womans body is a thing of beauty naturaly, but if it might add some excitement for you nd might give you a little increase in stimulation-sounds cool to me.

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Give it a try-u can always take it out if you don't like it-but I bet it will look great. I think the experience is a little different for every girl but my girl is more sensitive.

I think they are really sexy.

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It's kinda like tattoos that are only visible when you are naked. It's like a surprise for the guy. I really like them. I didn't think there were very many girls interested in them though.

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I am generally not in favor of piercings or tattoos I was just talking to a female GAG friend about this very subject. I would prefer natural I am really into pee I think I would be OK with this.

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Not sure how that would be giving oral tho You're really into pee? And I don't think it would interfere with oral.

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Not proper oral anyway But most adults don't anyway lol. Pros and cons of hood piercing I am really into pee Well if it did not interfere with my ability to give you oral then I think I would be supportive altho natural would be first preference I've seen pictures of them before. I guess if it seemed to really bring her pleasure, I'd probably start liking the look because I'd have positive associations with it. It probably depends a little on how people view piercings in general.

I used to have a few, but took them out years ago. Don't regret having had them when I did though.

Those things can go so wrong. Not everything has to have a point.

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Regular piercings are "pointless" along with tats, and make-up, and other such modifications to ourselves. Tats usually have a meaning, makeup makes you look and feel better about yourself, but I have no clue what piercings do.

I tend to find them kinda hot anyway, but I still think they're clit piercings pointless. I find piercings in general except ear piercings unattractive.

I would be highly turned off if I were in a sexual situation and my partner had a clitoral hood piercing Sorry I was messing around with a girl before and When I was going down on her I saw that she was pierced down there I completely stopped. Sorry some people are fine with this and I know you asked for a guy Pros and cons of hood piercing but still. Most piercings are a turn off for me. But down there for a girl or a guy is just a huge no no.

It seems so unnecessary to me.