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Do you know Megan McCormick? She does those world adventure shows on Outdoor Lifestyle channels.


She is the female Judge Reinhold. I first saw her one day when I had a cold and became entranced by this ridiculous saturated ball of au naturelle benevolence and on-the-dolo hotness. WHAT a practical little haircut!

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She also reminds me of Wayne Gretzky, whose autobiography I did my first ever book report on. She goes camping with her Mom. I bet they totally TALK to each other too!

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Her episode on Los Angeles was completely retarded. Ditto for her LA food blog: Didn't I start a thread about Globetrekker a couple years ago, where we discussed the insane amount of web-crushing McCormick fansites in the world?

I flipped past that L. Globetrekker and couldn't quite remember what used to seem so great about her; I miss Justine and Ian. She seemed louder, less clever, and less fun. We'll always have the time in Dubai where the guy recommended she buy herbs to restore her virginity.

Plus points for describing the rationale behind Mongolian wrestling clothes: VickersMonday, 16 June Justine is growing on me - it seems like she's the most into the stuff I would be, and I'm sure I'd like to Megan mccormick bikini pics out with her irl whereas Megan might Megan mccormick bikini pics annoying v quicklyand she's pretty in a subtle way - but Megan, who unlike Justine is my age cohort, is still more entertaining, tv-wise, in no small part due to their voices.

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Justine's wiki page reports that she "revealed during the Globe Trekker episode, Israel and the Sinai Desert, that she was a follower of Judaism. Have you seen her in Trinidad?

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She dances in a carnival outfit with a bravery you will respect forever. She is not a person you would expect to see on TV in a thong, but she was all: Everything in India feels holy to me so rats there seemed very different from the thug rats in NYC!

Everything in India feels holy to me Thanks Alanis.

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But that said, one again my dear Mr. LeCoq your appreciation of the opposite sex is true eloquence. ONCE again, rather, etc. I was hanging on for dear life! We ate local food and slept under the stars.

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